Seeding IDEAS 

MWM Artists meeting at Clean Break London: (from left to right) Artists Miriam, Matilda, Delea, Rachael, Gemma

MWM Artists meeting at Clean Break London: (from left to right) Artists Miriam, Matilda, Delea, Rachael, Gemma


It all started when…

Matilda Leyser invited other Mother Makers to join her at The National Theatre for some research and development in 2017. Seven artists responded to the invitation to explore the relationship between their mothering and their making in a committed group. They met once a month for four months, with homework assignments inbetween. Matilda wanted the group to have something to show from this time, a clear outcome to grow out of all their exchanges, and so she set the artists the following brief:

I would like you to make a piece of work in a medium of your choosing – it could be a story, a poem, a list, a picture, a film, a piece of live art, a play, a song. It is a response to your experience of being a mother and a maker and to the territory that we have begun to explore in our brief R&D time together. Whatever you make will be a resource for other mothers and other makers – a source of information and/or inspiration to which other women can turn, in fact to which anyone within the creative industries can turn. Finally it needs to be able to take on a form which can live on the Mothers Who Make website once it has been built. E.g. if you write a monologue to be performed live, you would then make a film of it and/ or publish the script. Other than this your commission is wide open to do with what you wish……

The group's ideas were included within Mother Who Make's first project application to Arts Council England which was successful, so each artist received ongoing support, peer mentoring and a small seed fund to explore their idea further. The works the artists have made are meant to act as a resource and an invitation to you to engage in your own making. From November we hope to have these new resources on our website to share with you. There will also  be a live event at which all the artists will present their work. Some of the artists are running participative workshops as part of their project - more details can be found via the link below.