Mothers Who Make, Hub meeting

What’s it all about?

Each month, across the UK, artists who are mothers, run a peer-led meeting to explore the dual roles of artist and mother. 

Every kind of maker is welcome - professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, performers, producers, musicians, bakers, crafters, architects, historians…. 

Every kind of mother is welcome- biological, adoptive, step, carer, surrogate, foster, grand, great grand, mothers who have lost children, and mothers to be…. 

Children are encouraged to attend too and are integrated into the meeting, for the dual roles of mother and artist are recognised and given equal value within all MWM events.

Mothers Who Make, Hub Meeting

How do meetings work?

MWM meetings take place in an arts-related venue. It is critical that the meeting is given the status of a participatory workshop, a rehearsal or class. A local mother-artist acts as a facilitator and participants are supported to exchange and work in a variety of ways. They explore emergent themes in their mothering and their making, points of connection between the two roles, points of dissonance, particular challenges, helpful resources. Examples of recent themes include: ‘Space - how to find it?’; ‘How to change and maintain your creative practice’; ‘What’s the positive impact of motherhood on your work?’; ‘Housework – who does it?!’ 

Every MWM meeting models a rare space in which participants are recognized and valued equally in their dual roles of mother and artist. The sessions are adult-centred but children are welcome to attend. Each MWM group shares a common ethos and practice but is able to grow and develop in response to the needs and interests of the regional artists that attend it. We have a core peer-support talking circle structure from which we start and to which we often return but other sessions have taken the form of workshops, skill shares, scratch performances and guest speaker Q&A sessions.

We are a grassroots movement so MWM is, in large part, shaped by its participants, their needs and interests. We want as many people as possible to be part of the unfolding conversation. Get in touch if there is anything we could do to make you feel more welcome or if you have an idea about something you would like to see happening at a MWM meeting. We’d love to hear from you.