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Mothers Who Make, Hub Meeting

So you are thinking of hosting a Mothers Who Make meeting in your venue? Brilliant!

You are supporting a growing national initiative aimed at supporting mothers who are artists - professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers, musicians, film-makers….every kind of maker is welcomed, and every kind of mother. 


What are the benefits to a venue?

Being part of the Mothers Who Make network means you'll be supporting a wider ecology of artists, audiences and participants:

  • Diversifying your audience portfolio

  • Widening the definition of your venue as a 'family friendly' locale.

  • Supporting artists at different stages of the careers

  • Generating a community of mutual support and cultivating connections for local artists.

  • Being part of a high profile national initiative.

  • Strategically increasing your venue's profile via the Mother's Who Make hub scheme.

  • Your venues hub will be able to update the MWM website with news about your activity.

  • You will be able to build a database of mothers who are who are keen to take you up on offers and opportunities within your building. You can give the mothers the first hand notice of events in the building.

  • Supporting artists to keep practicing and creating through the challenges of motherhood: exhibitions, performances and publications have all come about thanks to MWM groups.


What's required from the venue?


  • Space available for 1.5-2hrs per month at a child-friendly hour (i.e. within school hours or at a weekend).

  • The space needs to be clean, accessible and appropriate for any mothers who bring their children.

  • The space should be allocated solely for the purpose of the MWM group – it is not shared with another activity, or in an open, social space.

  • The venue might also help provide a box of children's toys, books, paper/crayons, jugs of water, tea/coffee.


Marketing and Communications

  • List MWM meetings on your venue website within your participatory programme, and include it within your social media plans.

  • MWM will support the marketing drive via our main website, social media and newsletters.



The hub coordinator/s will share facilitation. 

MWM’s Artistic Director, Matilda Leyser or a Regional Hub Cordinator, will provide an initial training session on how to facilitate the meetings. The MWM representative will attend the first meeting and be available for post-event debrief. The costs to raise are as follow:

  • £125 x 1 day facilitation support from Matilda Leyser or Regional Hub Coordinator for the first MWM meeting

  • Travel costs- 2nd class on public transport, or mileage @ £30 per mile when driving plus any parking charges.

  • 1 night accommodation (if more than 2 hours from London) for the MWM Facilitator or providing suitable host accommodation including child/ren.

The Hub Coordinator is responsible for finding funding for this set up fee, but where possible we would expect the host venue to support in full in part as a partner. 

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