Usually third Monday of the month:

March 18th, April 15th, May 20th


10.30am - 12.30pm


MWM Manchester is subsidised by HOME.

No booking required - just turn up!



Facilitated by:

MWM is facilitated by mother and theatre maker Liz Richardson

When we first heard about Mothers Who Make we just knew that we needed HOME to be involved in it in some way, although we didn’t really know then the positive impact that it would have 12 months down the line. As an organisation it’s wonderful to be able to open our doors to creative Mothers and their children, bringing spaces to life in a way that doesn’t happen often enough. The Mothers are so talented and inspiring and although I do not sit in on the sessions I can see from their feedback and minutes that they each leave the session feeling a little bit more motivated to continue their creative practice. It’s not hard to facilitate these sessions; we simply block a space out for 2hours per month, and have a regular volunteer (a Mother) to help set up the chairs, tables, tea and coffee. It’s also really rewarding for me as I am able to let the Mothers know about opportunities in our building, whether that’s a baby friendly screening, a workshop or an upcoming production. Mothers Who Make Manchester is a vital and encouraging community and we are in no rush to stop it.
— Jodie Ratcliffe at HOME



2 Tony Wilson Place,
Manchester, M15 4FN
Tel:  0161 200 1500