Mothers Who Make Diary#8 A Succinct Summary of the Campaign

Crowdfunding Diary # 8

The succinct summary of the Mothers Who Make campaign:

5 what-we-will-dos and 5 how-we-will-do-its…….


1)   Reduce the isolation and increase the mental well being of mother-makers.

2)   Stimulate and facilitate the creation of new, original and relevant work.

3)   Raise the status and visibility of mothers and makers for the better.

4)    Develop networks of support both locally and nationally, enabling mothers to share and exchange resources, from childcare to creative space.

5)   Welcome the children and hold space for the possibility that their presence in their mothers’ lives could enrich rather than inhibit creative practice.


Together with our Arts Council award, your support will enable us to:

1)   Design and manage a designated Mothers Who Make website. This site will: connect the regional hubs and consolidate MWM as a national network; act as a central point for information, resources and news; provide a digital platform for sharing work.

2)   Establish 10 more MWM hubs, building new relationships with regional venues and mentoring local artists to facilitate ongoing peer-support groups. This will enable a total of 15 monthly meetings to take place across the UK, bringing mother-makers together.

3)   Commission new works by mother-makers that will act as a resource and an invitation to others both through workshops and online engagement.

4)   Facilitate professional development workshops for this often disenfranchised section of the workforce.

5)   Develop Mothers Who Make into a recognisable brand. Design and print marketing materials so that we can extend our reach and increase our visibility and better champion the cause of mothers and makers everywhere!

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