Crowdfunding Diary Day #5: The First Invite Ever

Dec 8th

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about the first ever Mothers Who Make meeting in the spring of 2014, and it made me want to look again at the first invite I sent out into the world, prior to that meeting. My understanding and vision for the project has grown since then, but in essence the invite still holds good. Here it is:

This is an invitation to come along to a new peer support group for mothers who are artists - professional and/or passionate writers, painters, actors, dancers, film-makers.every kind of maker welcome, and every kind of mother. Also please feel free to bring your children, of any age.

 Where: Battersea Arts Centre, in the Café Waiting Room.

  Why: Read on below.

I am a performer and a writer. When I was pregnant I would tell people my plans for motherhood: “Oh, I’m simply going to pop my baby in a sling and carry on!” My son is now two years old. In some ways I was right: I have carried him in a sling since he was born and I have carried on in that I am still writing, still sometimes performing, still making work. However none of this has been done simply and everything is wholly different to before. In this sense I have carried nothing on. Rather, I have had to set down my life, my sense of who and how I am. Slowly, awkwardly, shakily I pick myself up, day by day. I would not have it any other way but it is a huge challenge.

 How to carry our creative selves and our children, our work of mothering and of making, is the focus of this group. If you are a mother and a maker, and if you wonder how to do both these things with fullness, I would love you to come.

           I would still love you to come to a group, and now I am glad to say you can if live in Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Halifax, not only in London. Help me to make 10 more groups, in fact to make a group in every place where there is a woman who wants one to happen.