Crowdfunding Diary Day # 11 Two Kinds of Miracles and How You can Make them Happen:

4 days left. 6k to raise. If we are going to make our target, or anywhere near it, one of two different kinds of miracles need to happen, or both:

1)   EITHER a Christmas Fairy Godmother needs to descend in the form of a rich and generous donor and save us from in amongst the cinders. (It is worth noting in passing that mothers get a bad deal in most fairytales – they are either good but dead, alive but false and wicked – the step mother – or magic and ethereal.)

2)    OR, 600 people need to give £10 

I am going to work on making both miracles happen (hey, it’s Christmas time! Everyone says this is a disadvantage but perhaps not?). You can help me. Here is how:

Miracle No. 1:

The Fairy Godmother. Everyone knows they have to be summoned. The wish has to be made. They don’t turn up unless you ask for them. We are going to ask for them in the form of naming all the great mother/ makers that have gone before us, all those that have done it or are out there doing it still, raising children, making art – all our sources of inspiration, those amazing women whom, if we could summon them to our sides and ask for their support, we would. This is in fact the starting point of one of the micro-commissions that Mothers Who Make is hoping to fund. It is a wonderful project by set designer and mother Miriam Nabarro who wants to create an archive of mother/makers through photos, interviews and images, which will live on our website. A whole library of Fairy Godmothers – imagine that. I asked Miriam to start us off, so in the remaining 4 days of our campaign we shall be posting a list of mother-artist heroes. Here are the first two:

Artist Mother hero #1

Phyllida Barlow: Sculpture. Aged 73. Discovered at 72. Mother of 5. “Ever since we had children we have been incredibly disciplined,” she said, “that determination to use every scrap of time becomes ingrained, you don’t ever lose it.”

Artist Mother hero #2

Louise Bourgeois: Artist. Died aged 98. Mother of 3. Also discovered in her 60s/70s.

“Everywhere in the modern world there is neglect, the need to be recognized, which is not satisfied. Art is a way of recognizing oneself, which is why it will always be modern.” And… “Art is a guaranty of sanity. That is the most important thing I have said.”

We want your help: who are your artistic heroes who also happen to be mothers? Who would you have as a Fairy Godmother if you could? Tell us about them. Post their names. If they are alive, could you ask them for help? If they are dead, could you ask them for help anyway?!

Now for…..

Miracle No. 2

Getting 600 people to give £10. I was really hoping this was how we were going to hit our goal. There are over 1000 on our FB page, surely, I thought, they will all just give £10 and the job will be done. Turns out you have to have more like 10 million in your reach and then maybe 1000 of those will give £10. Well, we are going to have a shot at reaching out to 10 million. Here is how:

There is a thing called Thunderclap – it is a one off message that will go out from multiple different accounts at the same time, and potentially reach millions. Ours is going out on Wednesday 24 hours before our campaign ends. If you have already given money to Mothers Who Make, don’t want to give money or simply can’t you can still help us with this thunderclap campaign. Simply sign up and help us send out our THUNDERCLAP. It’s very easy to sign up and it’s safe for your account and you can choose to use twitter/facebook or tumblr. Help Mothers Who Make thunder their quiet revolutionary message and make a miracle of crowd support happen so that we make our target. Click below:

And you can also add another £10 yourself or, maybe you are actually a Fairy Godmother and you can wave your wand and give us thousands £££. Go here for that: