Mothers Who Make Crowdfunding Diary #2: Life, Death and The Number of Seconds Till Xmas.

Dec 5th

           “How many seconds until Christmas?” “If the clock had food on it instead of numbers would we eat time?” “Who is 98 who has died?” “What is 1 trillion plus 1 trillion?” I love my son’s questions. At the moment many of them circle around the theme of numbers, age and time. Together we discovered that the oldest person currently alive is 117, a woman in Japan. I wonder if she is a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, even a great, great grandmother?

           Motherhood makes me think about mortality. This is both because right now it feels important that I stay alive for my growing children, and because the time will come when it will be important for me to die, to make the space for them to step into the generational space that I now occupy. Here, for me, is another link between children and art – they are what we leave behind us. They come out of us, separate from us and then go on beyond us.

           Mothers Who Make is a kind of legacy project. I mean this both personally – I hope it will continue beyond me – and in the sense that it is concerned with looking after women as they look after the things that they will leave behind them, the things they are gifting on, the future of the world.

           As I write this there are approximately 1728000 seconds until Christmas and 1382400 seconds until the Mothers Who Make crowdfunding campaign ends. Go here to give us an early Christmas present that will, I hope, last a long, long time: