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Each month we feature a mother maker, to make visible their journey and how they are navigating their dual roles.

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Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth’s found herself facing redundancy when she first became a mum, but discovered it to be an opportunity in disguise. Liz founded her own business and, 3 children later, has never looked back.



Liz Allum

Mother of one, Liz Allum is a portfolio maker - from outdoor theatre, producing dance to octopus tentacles, Liz and her son find themselves in the belly of the whale on this extraordinary and colourful life.

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Dawn Yow

Dawn Yow is a Writer, Photographer and Mother of 3 living in Liverpool. Dawn likes to capture in a photograph the banal, the overlooked, the viceral moments of motherhood. From tears and tantrums, to a draw full of bloody tissues, Dawn has found a whole new arts practice since becoming a mother.



Michelle Hall

Michelle is a Theatre Maker, Teaching Artist, Activist, sometime Bouffon and Mother of 1, living in Perth Australia. On finding herself in the throng of playcentres and school-run circles, she pined for her Oxford UK network of mother makers, but endeavoured to create new work and spaces to meet and occupy in her home country with her MOTHERFESTO.

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Patricia Langman

Patricia found dance kept her rooted to her creative identity since becoming a mother 33 years ago. Now with an adult son, Patricia decided to follow her dreams and founded a tribal belly dance company.



Ruth Dudman

Mother to two boys, producer and founder of Motherworks, Ruth has been learning how to throw out perfection and embrace a fast and furious attitude.

Jo Bowis


Jo Bowis

From the house boat to the stage, from tears to exclusively expressing, Jo Bowis has found her bravery and voice in her mothering and making.



Alice Robinson

Mother to 2 year old Arty, Alice is a Clown learning to juggle a toddler, a career and shaving her legs. Something’s gotta give!

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Lucy Bell

Mother of three, Lucy is a playwright, theatre producer and director who’s cracking on with her career despite the noise.



Emily Carding

As a single mother and actor, Emily has to be creative to make her career work for her and her teenager.

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Dec '18

Since leaving life as a jobbing actor behind in London and starting a family, Liz has found sanctuary and space to make her own work and connect with a small, supportive community in the Peak District

Julia Labutina

Oct ‘18

Julia Labutina

As an artist of sand show and audio-visual performances, Julia has discovered focus and inspiration since becoming a mother 2 years ago…


Sept '18

Heidi Hollis

Since becoming a mother of twins girls, Heidi sold her business and followed her creative longings…


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