Mothering Matters


By Mother, we mean any  kind of mother: biological, surrogate, adoptive, foster, step, grand, great grand, to be. Also single mothers. Also those who have miscarried or those who have lost children. Mothers of any race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, dis/ability. All are welcome. 

A crucial MWM principle is the equal valuing of mothering alongside making. We live in a culture in which the professional is given greater status than the personal. Motherhood is hopelessly personal. To be a successful woman nowadays you are expected not to stay at home and look after the kids, but to hand that caring role over to ‘professionals’ (nurseries or nannies) in order to sustain and excel at work in one’s own professional role. Many of the challenges that women face on becoming mothers stem from this – the feelings of isolation, invisibility, loss of identity, low self-esteem, depression and more. 

Matilda Leyser and her son, Mothers Who Make

MWM aims to challenge this, by making motherhood visible and championing its value.  MWM founder, Matilda Leyser, says:

I was astounded after my son was born by how intense the work of motherhood is, how important, how political, how complex, how demanding, and how little it is given value, how often I still heard myself and others resort to the phrase, “Oh, I’m just being a mum right now.” There is no ‘just’ about it. The work is staggeringly hard and it is vital!
— Matilda Leyser

One of the key jobs of being a mother is giving your child(ren) a sense of their own innate value. MWM aims to mother all the mothers – to help us to give back to one another our sense of worth and purpose.

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