New hubs in Cambridge, Coventry and at Edinburgh Fringe

MWM peer support groups model a rare space in which participants are recognized and valued equally in their dual roles of mother and artist. Every kind of artist and every kind of mother is welcome, as are your children. We are delighted to invite you to join the discussion as part of this quietly growing revolution in three new locations…


Launches on Wednesday 22nd May at Cambridge Junction. We will also be at MOTHERWORKS festival on Saturday June 8th at Cambridge Junction. Find out more here.


Launches on Saturday 25th May at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry 

Zoe Gardner (MWM North London) will be launching both hubs.

MWM Edinburgh Fringe

Thanks to the brilliant Liz Richardson (MWM Manchester) we are taking MWM to Edinburgh Fringe for the first time! Find Mothers Who Make at The Yellow Room in Fringe Central on Sundays 4th, 11th & 18th August from 12 – 1.30pm. This meeting will be free. We'll be asking How can the arts be ‘mother friendly’? Rather than ‘child friendly.‘ To get to the fringe will have taken careful planning, sleepless nights and financial risk. This is also true of motherhood!