Want to start a hub near you? UK and worldwide!

Do you wish you had a regular peer support meeting for mothers and makers in your local community? Why not start a MWM Hub! 

Matilda and Lizzy will be supporting new hub coordinators from from July to support planning their local hub. New hubs can launch from September ‘19- January '20. Keen to get started? The first thing to do is read all about it here: https://motherswhomake.org/start-a-hub and have a think about what venue could host the hub: https://motherswhomake.org/host-a-hub

MWM Worldwide!

We are also launching our first overseas hubs, we are expecting MWM Paris and MWM Perth to be this year! We trying out how to do this, as we can't physically run the first meeting like we do in the UK, so let us know if you're interested in this pilot.

Get in touch with us from July 2019 to start a hub conversation: info[at]motherswhomake.org