Our Supporters

They say it takes a village to raise a child and it has certainly taken an ever-growing community of people to raise MWM.

It began with two mother-makers, Matilda Leyser and Caroline Thompson. Caroline was integral in the group starting and co-ran many of the sessions with Matilda for the first two years. They were inspired by Naomi Stadlen, who has been running the group Mothers Talking in North London for over 25 years, and also by Lucy Pearce, author of many fabulous books including, The Rainbow Way, Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood.

None of this would have amounted to much had we not had the steady and fantastic support of Improbable, who continue to be integral to our sustainability and development.

Liat Rosenthal brilliantly stepped up and wrote MWM’s first funding application and thereby enabled this website to be built and all of the last year’s work and growth to be possible.

And then we had our amazing virtual village of supporters that came together during the course of our Dec ‘17 crowd funding campaign. Here you all are with our great ongoing thanks:

Alice Barclay; Alice Mackenzie; Alice Mallorie; Alice Robinson; Allegra Wint; Amy baldwin; Amy Clare Tasker; Andrew Smart; Andy Letcher; Angie Newman; Anna Ehnold-Danailov; Anna Faye Bosworth Woolf; Anna GD; Anna Morrissey; Annie Fitzmaurice; Belinda Chapman; Ben Monks; Bounce Theatre; Calum / MC Macaulay; Caroline Thompson; Caroline Williams; Cassie Raine; Catherine Eaglestone;Chanti Annette Humphrey; Charlotte Elizabeth Mooney; Cherry Ann Knott; Clair Chamberlain; Clarissa Widya; Angela Clerkin; Daniella Corless; David Glass; Debra Joseph; Deva Shanti; Duska; Eleanor Buchan; Elise Elst; Emily Davis; Emily Woof; Eva Karia; Faith Matthews; Fdujeu; Fiammetta Dell’Anno; Fiona Drummond; Francesca Day; Gaynor Jones; Gemma Bolwell; Georgina Steele; Greg Gardner; Gwilym Lawrence; Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder; Harriet Riley; Helen Stern; Henrietta Leyser; Holly Cullen-Davies; Imrana Mahmood; Inés Soria-Turner; Jodie Ratcliffe; John Curran; Joyce DiDonato; Judy Barrington-Smuts; Judy Sadgrove; Karen Morash; Karen Traynor; Kate at Cambridge Youth Dance; Kate Maravan; Kate Swordy; Kellie Ann Foster; Kirsty Lothian; Kristin Fredricksson; Laura Godfrey-Isaacs; Laura Starnier; Laura Rose Harding; Layla Rosa; Lehni Lamide Davies; Lena Simic; Liat Rosenthal; Lisa Hammond; Lisa Heft; Louise Tanoto; Lucy Day; Lucy Simm; Lydia Catterall; Mandy Fenton; Mark Morreau; Mark Price; Mary Paterson; Mary Price-O'Connor; Riddley McDermott; Maureen Oakeley; Michael M Pannwitz; Bridget Belgrave; Monica Crowe; Morven Macbeth; Mufrida Hayes; Myfanwy Lloyd; Naomi Mcleod; Natasha Whittle; Nichola Riley; Nicky Singer; Nina Dunn Studio; Ottoline Leyser; Patrizia Catanese; Petr Blažek; Phelim McDermott; Pippa Wildwood; R F Hill; Rachel Clare; Rebecca Cooper; Rita Hraiz; Rivka Fine; Rod Dixon; Roger Austin; Rosemary Lee; Ruth Kern; Ruthie Collins; Sarah Amandes; Sarah Grange; Sarah Greaves; Sharon Averill; Shellbell; Simone Kenyon; Stella Duffy; Stephanie Tunka; Susan Guest; Jenn Toksvig; Tom Piper; Tratincica Slavicek; Vanessa Ackerman; Vera Broum; Voice Into Speech; Wendy Bollard; Nick Sweeting; Bryony Lavery.

As we continue to grow and gain momentum we need more support!

If you want to donate to the MWM cause, even just to buy us the price of a cup of coffee, please go here


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