Start a hub

Information for Mother Makers

 So you want to start a Mothers who Make hub near you? Fantastic! A very big welcome. It is entirely do-able, even whilst doing two of the hardest and most valuable jobs in the world - raising children and making art. We hope the group will make it feel more possible for you to do both of these things.


Here are the steps to making a hub happen near you: 

1) Set up a call

Set up a phone call, skype or Facetime with me, MWM’s Artistic Director, Matilda Leyser. Email to introduce yourself. We can then talk through any questions or concerns you have and I can guide you through the below steps. 


2) Find some comrades

We have found that working with another 1 – 2 other passionate mother-makers to get your new hub off the ground can work really well. You are able to exchange ideas, support each other and share the organisation and facilitation of the group. It is more enjoyable and offers you a chance to work as part of a collective of artists, with a common vision. If you can rotate facilitation this means  you can fully participate in the meeting too. As a collective there is always someone who can make it happen.


3) Find a venue

Find a local venue. This should be an arts-related venue, ideally one with which you have an existing relationship as an artist. If you already have a contact there, use that. If not then find out who runs their participation programme and contact them. Information for venues about the MWM network, and what is required of them in joining it, can be found here.

If possible arrange a face to face meeting with a member of the venue staff to discuss MWM and to be able to see the meeting spaces they can offer you. It needs to be a private space, not the venue’s café area or other public space. 

The first meeting will be facilitated by an existing MWM Hub Coordinator so as to connect the group to the wider network and provide training to you. There is an initial set up fee of £125 plus travel and accommodation (if required) to cover this. We can talk about ways you might raise this, but ideally the venue would cover it - this should be part of your discussion with them.


4) Make a date

Once you have a venue, find a date for a first meeting. This must be done in communication with the venue and MWM, and whichever MWM Hub Coordinator will be facilitating the initial meeting. 


5) Write an invite

MWM can provide you with an invite-template that you can adapt. Run the invite past MWM before it goes out. Send it out, far and wide. Invite people you know and people you don’t. The venue should also support with this.


6) Have the meeting

Keep a record of who comes. Start to build your local network. 


7) Keep in touch

We are here to support and advise whenever you need us. We also ask that after every meeting you let us know how it has gone. Use the monthly debrief form to keep us up to date.                                         


8) Keep going

You’ve done it! You’ve joined the national network of amazing women, who are mothers, who are also makers who are, somehow or other, holding both these impossibly full roles at once. Now you simply have to keep going. Monthly is good. You will be assigned your own web page on the MWM site that you can update with meeting dates and regional news.  We have found that almost all groups have set up a Facebook group after their first session, and this supports conversations and networks to grow.