Team bio's


Matilda Leyser

Mother. Theatre-maker. Writer. Facilitator. Mentor. Mentee. Director. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Wife. Lover. Ex-aerialist. Dancer. Cyclist. Wild Swimmer.

I started Mothers Who Make in 2014 when my son was 2. I began it as a small local group in South London. I never dreamt of it growing into a national network, but word spread…..The power of word spreading and of peer support between mothers and makers of every ilk, continues to astonish and inspire me. For me, at its heart, MWM is an ongoing piece of artist-led research into how to do these two things that I hold dear of caring for my children and sustaining my creative practice, because I still do not want to compromise on either of these – they matter too much, not just to me, but as things of vital importance in the world. Mothers and artists don’t enjoy the highest status, and yet I believe what they do is of the highest value.
— Matilda Leyser

Lizzy Humber

Mother. Producer. Actor. Friend. Wife. Lover. Cyclist. Painter. Vegan. Community Artist. Secret Squirrel Runner. Night Owl. Based in Devon.

I came to a MWM session in 2015 whilst pregnant, feeling very on the cusp of joining this huge club- motherhood. I was curious to know what it was like for everyone on the other side, being a mum and finding time to be creative and striking a balance between home and work. The conversations I had at this one session sowed a seed that has grown in me and has become a part of my values. In particular, for me, the politics and social identity around motherhood and self. Before attending I hadn’t even considered my motherhood and my creative self/working self, sitting side by side, in the same room. MWM has been a catalyst to shift my attitude and work at challenging others through leading by example (or every day activism) and being part of/leading conversation. I want to challenge societal attitudes towards woman working and being a mother, the pressures, the guilt, the language we use to talk about working and the value we place on ourselves as artists and mothers. This one MWM meeting started this for me, and so in becoming the producer for MWM in April 2018 and starting a hub in Exeter in May 2018 I feel very passionately that I am able to support others to have a platform to reflect, question, connect and dream, as well as explore my own mothering & making.
— Lizzy Humber
Mothers Who Make, Lizzy Humber