My invisible Western

A story about my miscarriage.

By Lizzy Humber

I’m standing in The Real Food, my eyes darting across each shelf scanning, analysing each item for it’s potential. A shop assistant appears, keenly sensing my urgency and specificity. I explain I want a small cloth or paper bag that will biodegrade in the earth. I notice simple hemp bags hanging pristinely at the zero waste stand and hurriedly fill some with cornflakes and pumpkin seeds. I forget to weigh them and have to fluster with this at the counter. I’m terrified the assistant knows I am trying to buy a shroud for my baby.  Read on

Katie Villa.JPG

My Silent Miscarriage

By Katie Villa

I got pregnant very quickly the 2nd time. It was the 2nd time, but it was also the first time I had ever tried for a baby as my first was an accidental pregnancy, and it felt a very odd thing to decide to try. But we fell pregnant pretty much straight away. Oddly, though, I felt almost right from the start that it wasn’t going to work out. I had already decided that I would tell people straight away rather than wait until the 12 weeks thing, as I wanted to know that I had a support network. Whenever I told people I would always say ‘but it’s really early days and it might not last’.  Read on


Invisible Motherhood

Lizzy would like to invite you to help her create a platform of stories and artistic responses to invisible aspects of motherhood. This can live on the Mothers Who Make website as a resource and to support visibility for motherhood experiences . If you would like to share something or start a conversation about something you would like to make please get in touch lizzy[at]