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Gemma Kerr

Being part of Mothers who Make has connected me with a group of women and a space for creativity and sharing that has felt totally unique in my life. To be given this commission feels like a validation of those two roles of mother and maker, an acknowledgement of the struggle it is to be both, and an affirmation that they can exist together. I am excited to be developing a project that has in part been borne out of becoming and being a mother, and that feels like a new venture for me creatively, and a conversation that I hope will connect and resonate with other women and mothers
— Gemma Kerr

Gemma is a freelance theatre-maker and director based in London. Her directing work includes Spiked by Félicité du Jeu (Pleasance), Macbeth (Omnibus Clapham); Clothes Swap Theatre Party by Gabriel Bisset-Smith, Tim Price, Evan Placey, Alison Carr & Ben Ellis (Derby Theatre), Scarberia by Evan Placey (York Theatre Royal) Airswimming by Charlotte Jones (Courtyard Theatre); Hitting Town by Stephen Poliakoff (Southwark Playhouse). She runs High Hearted Theatre with writer Marcelo dos Santos, creating original work for non-conventional theatre spaces.  Gemma is an Associate Artist at Omnibus in Clapham, and Associate Director of Forward Theatre Project.