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Julia Gwynne

MWM and this commission is many things to me; a support network, an inspiring forum, a reflective space... but primarily it is a possibility and an opportunity to be a mother and a maker at the same time, in the same place with each role informing and feeding off the other.”
— Julia Gwynne

Julia is an actor, writer, storyteller, social worker and trainee dramatherapist who loves the power of stories.  Julia is a social work graduate of Nottingham University and theatre graduate of L’Ecole de Jacques Lecoq as well as the Laboratory of Movement Studies.  She has worked for twenty years nationally and internationally both performing in theatre and working with vulnerable children and families using stories to connect, explore and recover.  Julia currently spends a bit of time working with children and families in the fostering sector, a bit of time writing stories, a bit of time performing, a bit of time studying and the best of time with her five year old son.