Rachael Spence

The MWM commission has given me the opportunity to change my domestic world, for the better, the only way I know how. By making a show about it. And the only way I’ll ever have enough time to make a show about solving a deep rooted domestic equality shit storm is by calling it work. And being paid for it.
— Rachael Spence

Rachael Spence is an actress, theatre maker, writer, and Mother of three.  She is an associate artist with Improbable and most recently created LOWDOWN, a tv comedy with channel four. Other recent work includes LOCKER ROOM TALK for The Traverse, Edinburgh, HANDLE WITH CARE by Chloe Moss for Shoreditch Town Hall and the BBC 3 thriller series THIRTEEN. She is currently making STILL NO IDEA with Lisa Hammond for The Royal Court and touring in 2018.