Zoe Gardner

It’s such a delight to be supported in being both – mothering and making, wanting to make very personal work for an intimate audience of me, and craving company, sharing, collaborating. I’m grateful to be free of having to choose between aspects of myself that can seem like contradictions or conflicts but are really just part of the everyday diversity of being human. Grateful for the challenges too. So far lemons keep turning to lemonade, problems alchemically change into something interesting and new because I’m doing this in an environment of support. Sharing the first mock-up of my book with other mums has been so helpful. Yesterday I met a grandmother who was sewing in the sandpit and the conversation this provoked made me feel that I’m on the right track with my approach of taking making out and about!
— Zoe Gardner

Zoe studied at English at Cambridge University before training as an actor at Drama Studio London. She has worked as a writer and performer, making scripts for tv and radio and devising live shows, solo and preferably in collaboration, including as one half of double-act The Congress of Oddities. This is her first attempt to make a book out of fabric, but she does have a GCSE in Craft Design Technology.

Zoe Gardner - Mother Record Book Sider Diagram Image.JPG