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Julia Labutina - October

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1. What’s your name, and your children's names and ages? Where are you based? What kind of making do you do or dream of doing?

My name is Julia, my daughter Agatha is almost two years old. We live in St. Petersburg. I am an artist of sand show and audio-visual performances.

2. How do you do it?! How do you make it work? 

My family and my friend helped me after Agatha was born. Later I have got a great solution. It happened by accident and it's a real piece of luck. It's "auto-nanny".  I perform sand shows at different venues, once I took little Agatha along, and my driver appeared to be a great nanny. After that Agatha goes everywhere with us, she's walking with "auto-nanny" while I'm performing show. This is what applies to work. As for the rehearsals, I am always happy when I can prepare for the show without any help, when my daughter is sleeping or playing nearby and is not capricious. It does not always happen this way. But when everything happens harmoniously, there is time for everything and there is no need to sacrifice walks and daughter's game, then I get great pleasure.

3. How has your mothering impacted your making? 

The feeling of motherhood for me is close to the feeling of enrichment, I became richer. After my child was born, even during pregnancy, another powerful flow joined the energy flows I have already had. And of course I really want this flow to affect my creative life, change my approach to work, make me be more attentive. It seems to me that this happens when I watch Agatha grow and change. I make sketches. I already have a lot of drawings of little Agatha.

Julia Labutina self portait 2.png

4. And vice versa? 

I really like when my daughter accidentally "enters" my work. For example, one day when my friend was looking after her in the hall during the performance, which I participated in, and suddenly Agatha ran up to me behind the fence and began to draw with me, to move objects - it was a subject live animation. And immediately everything turned into a game. Performance is already a game, but it becomes a game within the game. It's amazing!

5. The best thing? The hardest? 

The best thing is daily changes.

Julia Labutina landscape.png

The hardest thing is not to forget that something can happen otherwise than it was planned. And quickly make a decision of another action.

6. Future dreams? 

To keep on.

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